Mar 8, 2021 • 1HR 11M

Ep.17: From the Outside Looking In - A Conversation with Jiakai Lou

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The Spark is a podcast that explores what it means to traverse cultures and share stories that intersect Chinese and American culture to interrupt barriers and create connections. The Spark is a cultural haven - A space held by a friendship between two women from two different countries, meeting at the point where their cultures, identities and stories intersect. Their conversations are grounded in transparency as they move beyond previous perceptions and ideas of the other to form deep connections as human beings first. 这是一个由两个来自不同文化背景的女生创造的广播平台。Amy Tianyi Zhao (微博:赵枣儿Amy)虽然来自中国,但她的教育背景和生活履历让她与西方文化产生了强烈的共鸣。Megan Dowaliby 虽然来自美国,但来自中国的老公让她对中国产生了浓厚的兴趣。两个完全不同的女生在一张传统中国餐桌上相遇。语言的交流引发了思想的碰撞。在那次晚餐两年后的今天,火花电台诞生。我们相信,一个人的国籍,以及其居住地并不能代表TA的文化身份。在一个全球化的时代,我们在不同文化中看到自己的影子,每个人都可能是很多文化交流和互动的产物。我们希望通过她们的对话和讨论,加深人们对“跨文化”身份的认同,赋予人们了解世界的激情和力量,最终达到促进世界,尤其是中美两国互相理解的进程。
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You may have heard about Ting Zhao, the documentary filmmaker who recently became the first Asian Woman to win a Golden Globe for her film 'Nomad Land' - a film observing U.S. culture. Our guest on this episode of The Spark Podcast is an aspiring documentary filmmaker and visual journalist currently based in Missoula, Montana who is well on his way to following Ting Zhao's footsteps. Jiakai Lou, known as JK, has spent the last few years observing U.S. culture first-hand from behind a camera lens. In this episode, JK shares what led him not only to come to the United States, but to land in a place so different from what he knows and from the rest of the United States. He tells us what it's like to lean into cultural barriers and build trust to document the intimate moments and details of day to day life of those different from him as an outsider looking in. Currently, JK is sitting at a crossroad: To stay in the U.S. or to go. No matter where he lands in the world, he longs to create compelling cinematic stories and meaningful work surrounding conservation, art, and outdoor culture. 你可能听说过2021年3月获得第78届美国电影电视金球奖的首位中国女导演,也是金球奖历史上首位获得最佳导演奖的亚洲女性赵婷。作为一位北京生女导演,她的获奖影片《无依之地》却是一部基于美国文化生活观察的作品。我们这集的嘉宾恰巧也是一位像赵婷一样,在成为纪录片制片人之路上不停奋斗的视觉摄影师。Jiakai Lou (JK)目前居住在蒙大拿米苏拉。几年来,他一直在镜头后观察美国文化。在这集中,JK不仅分享了他来美国的决定过程,他更是解释了为什么当初他选择在一个和美国大部分地区完全不同,并且超乎大部分人认知的蒙大拿州定居。他不仅细致地描述了一种在文化边缘游走的状态,更是分享了作为一个外人,他是如何一步一步地在拍摄纪录片的过程中,与不同的个体建立信任。目前,JK站在十字路的路口,面临着是留在美国还是离开美国的选择。不论最终决定去往世界的那个角落发展,他都希望能为自然保护,艺术,还有户外等话题继续创作富有感染力,生命力,还有意义的影像作品。