Sep 1, 2021 • 1HR 15M

Ep.24: Our Mothers

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The Spark is a podcast that explores what it means to traverse cultures and share stories that intersect Chinese and American culture to interrupt barriers and create connections. The Spark is a cultural haven - A space held by a friendship between two women from two different countries, meeting at the point where their cultures, identities and stories intersect. Their conversations are grounded in transparency as they move beyond previous perceptions and ideas of the other to form deep connections as human beings first. 这是一个由两个来自不同文化背景的女生创造的广播平台。Amy Tianyi Zhao (微博:赵枣儿Amy)虽然来自中国,但她的教育背景和生活履历让她与西方文化产生了强烈的共鸣。Megan Dowaliby 虽然来自美国,但来自中国的老公让她对中国产生了浓厚的兴趣。两个完全不同的女生在一张传统中国餐桌上相遇。语言的交流引发了思想的碰撞。在那次晚餐两年后的今天,火花电台诞生。我们相信,一个人的国籍,以及其居住地并不能代表TA的文化身份。在一个全球化的时代,我们在不同文化中看到自己的影子,每个人都可能是很多文化交流和互动的产物。我们希望通过她们的对话和讨论,加深人们对“跨文化”身份的认同,赋予人们了解世界的激情和力量,最终达到促进世界,尤其是中美两国互相理解的进程。
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In this episode, Amy and Meg sit down for one final conversation of The Spark’s Motherhood Series which organically stemmed from a single episode and turned into a beautiful, sensitive, and powerful series featuring three inspiring mothers. For Amy and Meg, it only felt fitting that the last guests of the series were the mothers they’ve been in conversation with since day one - their own.  

在这集中,Amy 和 Meg 以回顾她们自己和妈妈的对话的方式结束了火花电台的母亲系列。这个“系列”最早从一个单集孕育而生。在采访了三位有故事的妈妈后,原本的 “单集” 演变成了一个美丽,敏感,但又充满力量的系列。Meg和Amy在进行了三轮采访后一致认为,没有比她们自己的妈妈更适合做最后一集特殊嘉宾的人选了。